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What We Do

Through our comprehensive financial planning process, we focus on the elements of your financial plan that we can control. It’s OUR process for YOUR financial plan.

Cash Flow 

An important part of any financial plan is knowing where the cash needed to fund your daily life will come from.  We can evaluate your current cash holdings, recommend an appropriate level of cash, and develop a cash flow plan to maintain an appropriate level of cash over time.

Asset Management 

Each of us has a variety of assets, for a variety purposes, structured variety of ways.  As part of your overall plan we can recommend ways to restructure your assets to more closely align with your overall plan.  


For a variety of reasons, most of us have some form of debt during our lifetime.  We can evaluate the debt you currently have, develop a plan to manage it, and advise on appropriate options in alignment with your overall plan. 


There are risks to every financial plan and various ways to manage those risks.  One option for mitigating some risks is insurance.  We can evaluate every type of insurance you have and recommend if you should have it at all.  For the coverages you should have we can recommend appropriate options in alignment with your overall plan.


At some point all of us will pass from this earth and our legacy will flow to those still here.  We can help you understand the terms of your will and make the most of your contributions to family, friends or charity. We can even help them understand your wishes and teach them the skills they need to responsibly handle your estate. 


Though none of us can completely avoid taxes your tax burden can be managed.  We can coordinate with your accountant to develop strategies for the current year that are in alignment with your long term plan.  


Divorce is never easy and can consume enormous amounts of time and energy. We are here to assist you through the transition and will help you to gain a clear understanding of your financial situation. A comprehensive picture of your assets and liabilities can help with negotiating and building a new budget. We can also guide you in choosing a legal path compatible with your interests and situation: DIY, mediator, attorney, or a hybrid approach. Think of Timpanogos Financial Advisors as part of your support network. We can help you evaluate options and think straight about big decisions.


Whether sudden and unexpected or after a lengthy ordeal, nothing can prepare you for losing your spouse. Grief and mourning affect each of us uniquely, but all widows and widowers share a painful dilemma: On the one hand, the world seems to demand rapid response to a barrage of critical questions – financial and otherwise. On the other hand, it’s usually a terrible time to be making big decisions, especially if they really can wait. Timpanogos Financial Advisors can help you navigate this confusing and difficult time by taking financial concerns off your plate, allowing you to process your grief without added stress. Remember that you don't have to decide anything until you are ready, and most financial matters are not as pressing as they seem. We have you covered.

Each season brings exciting changes for those in all of the financial planning “Seasons.”