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Bobbi Lee

Bobbi Lee

Director of Operations

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Bobbi has been a member of the Timpanogos Financial Advisors team for over 19 years. She interacts with clients on a daily basis, stepping in to help in any way she can to address their needs and requests in a responsive and timely manner.

Bobbi is responsible for all client account services as well as managing and overseeing Timpanogos Financial Advisors operational functions including marketing, technology, procedures and compliance.  Her attention to detail and reliability ensure that no task goes unfinished and all of our clients’ needs are met. She prides herself on her ability to assist the team promptly and efficiently.  Bobbi helps Timpanogos Financial Advisors maintain the high level of service we provide, and will often go beyond the call of duty.

She has a genuine rapport with all of Timpanogos Financial Advisors clients, anticipates client needs, prioritizes creating connection and above all, enjoys providing excellent service

Bobbi believes that our lives are defined by the shared experiences we have with the people we care about most: Family & friends, co-workers (teammates) as well as the clients she interacts with everyday.


I have a deep love of animals, and recently obtained my Dog Training Certification.  As I have learned more about dogs, I realize how similar they are to people in most respects.  A kind word, a bit of patience and consistency in our actions goes a long way for both (and, yes – dogs are easier to train than their owners!)

There are certain things that I can’t live without – spending time with family & friends, good books and my pets (current count is 1 dog and 2 cats, but ask me again tomorrow!).